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The Rydal Penrhos Society 2000-2010

When Rydal School and Penrhos College merged in 2000, the Old Penrhosian Association and the Old Rydalian Club amalgamated into the Rydal Penrhos Society, a new society for the former pupils of the two separate schools before the merger and the former pupils of the new school after the merger. The Rydal Penrhos Society, with a membership of approximately 5 000, is much larger than either the OR Club or the OP Association.

The creation of the Rydal Penrhos Society was achieved surprisingly quickly and effectively thanks to the foresight and commitment of the committees of both the Old Penrhosian Association and the Old Rydalian Club. Special thanks were due to David Hackney OR, Ian Morris OR, Christine Brown OP and Midge Jeacock OP for enabling this to happen.

In 2000, Mike Leach, who had been Secretary of the OR Club since 1991, became Secretary of the Rydal Penrhos Society. Mike’s kindly and courteous manner and the conscientious way he approached his work as Secretary were greatly appreciated by everyone. During his eight years as Society Secretary, Mike attended and helped organise many dinners in a wide range of locations including London, Midlands, Yorkshire, Chester, North and South Wales. He oversaw the placing of the Rydal and Penrhos address lists onto one data base and faithfully arranged, chaired and minuted a vast number of meetings including ones for Society AGMs, the standing committees, various fund-raising efforts, Vikings’ rugby and Dolphins’ cricket. Mike got the Rydal Penrhos Society off to a very good start.

Before Mike’s retirement in 2008, it was evident that the work of Secretary of the Rydal Penrhos Society needed to be undertaken by two persons each working part-time, with secretarial assistance. Hence, Heidi York and Guy Watson accepted an invitation from Headmaster Patrick Lee-Browne and President Mike Silcock and took over from Mike as Joint Secretaries in February 2009.

President of the Rydal Penrhos Society 2008 -2009 was Mike Silcock (OR), whose energy and enthusiasm gave fresh impetus to the Society just when it was needed. Neil Richards (OR) was President for 2010 and was much involved with planning ‘Anniversary Celebrations’ to mark the 10 year anniversary of Rydal Penrhos, the 125th anniversary of Rydal School and the 130th anniversary of Penrhos College’s foundation. Another development in 2010 was the renewal of the school’s website, which includes a dedicated Rydal Penrhos Society area.

Philip Reid (OR) took over as President for 2011 and was very involved with changes made to the Society in order to take it forward. In August 2011 we said goodbye to the two part time Secretaries, Guy Watson and Heidi Yorke, and to the Richard’s Room Secretary, Dorothy Marriott, and welcomed Sarah Ritchie (OP) into the role of Alumni & Development Director.

We look forward to welcoming Diana Smith (OP) who will take over as President from Philip Reid in November 2011.

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